“Get your knit on”


I knit a few times a week.  I would knit every day if I could.  Seriously.  I enjoy  “getting my knit on”  that often.   I have taught others to knit and I have helped them fix their knitting when they get stuck.  Because I do this I consider myself a “knitter”.  Now, that may not seem like much.  But it feels important to me.  Knitting is something that I have pursued.  I read about it.  I want to talk about it more than many people think is normal.  After I knit, sometimes I want to “debrief” my knitting session with the person close to me.  Usually they have very little interest in this…but that is only because they are more interested in something else, perhaps in the same way I am interested in knitting.  (What they are interested in often looks like a phone or computer screen.)  There is more.  I also enjoy the things that go along with knitting.  I love the feel of the needles.  Sometimes they are soft bamboo but my favorites are “addi’s” which are hard and made of steel.  My yarn preferences vary, depending on my mood.  Soft and silky yarn takes much more time for me to knit because I really have to pay attention to every stitch or the yarn might split and I will have to start over.  Rough linen usually knits up quickly – not always as satisfying but it wears well so I like to have some of that in my bag.  I don’t know what I would do without my knitting.  It is actually a scary thought.  I know that there may be a day when I have to go without it, or at least not knit so often.  But right now.  I am a “knitter”….and I like it.  ~ Linda

What do you have in your life that you do on a regular basis?  What would it be like for you to do it more often?    One way to consider how important something is…is to consider what life would be like without it.  What would it be like for you if you lost your ability?