Setting Goals in Crossfit and Faith

Denise’s first goal in Crossfit was a handstand pushup.  She met that goal some time ago, but tries them over and over again on a regular basis to keep her skills and strength up.

Denise working on handstands at CFES.

Denise working on handstands at CFES.

Last fall many of us submitted Deep Commitment cards.  We were asked to consider how we would like to deepen our commitment to our community of faith for the coming year.  We set goals in the following areas:

rooted in Grace

How do you hope to root your life in Grace in the coming year? Consider setting a specific goal, or set of goals, regarding weekly worship attendance and daily prayer.

growing in faith

How do you plan to grow in faith? Consider setting goals regarding Kitchen Table participation, searching Scripture, and witnessing to God’s love in the world.

reaching in love

How will you reach in love? Consider setting specific goals for watching over others in love, serving in our church and beyond.

finances | giving

How will you support the ministries of our community of faith financially in the coming year?  Some among us may be considering making their very first financial gift. Others may be considering increasing giving commitment by a percentage or two of their income. Some may be ready to leap into tithing 10% of their income.

How are you doing with your Deep Commitment goals?  What goes do you need to revisit and revise?  What new goals do you have for yourself?