Weeding or planting?

Soil Born Farm

Soil Born Farm

” In my world, gardening consists of a desperate scramble to remove marauding foliage before it engulfs the house. PLANT something? When? I suppose It might help if I were diligent. But I’m more of a diva gardener, awaiting the muse’s call. Conditions must be perfect — not too hot or cold or wet or buggy — or I simply cannot set foot on the leafy stage.

But occasionally, the stars do align and I head bravely into the yard, where it’s a more like a mad game of Tetris than the meditative, blissful communion with our plant brethren I see in magazines. The only thing I want is for weeds to disappear. Preferably whole sections at a time with a nice, satisfying poof. In the rare moments I do get ahead of the game, I still can’t plant anything because… HERE THEY COME AGAIN.

If gardening is like Tetris, then July is level 93. Weeds sprout faster than hands can move and if you fumble for even a minute, the yard will COMPLETELY FILL UP TO THE TOP and it will be GAME OVER.

By Eva Moon  

If you imagined that practicing your faith is like tending a garden…do you spend more time weeding or planting?  What is something that threatens to choke your faith?  How much diligence does it really take to keep your faith free from sprouting weeds?


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