Picnic pests.


“I do not like to eat al fresco.  No sane person does, I feel.  When it is nice enough for people to eat outside, it is also nice enough for mosquitoes, horse and deer flies, as well as wasps and yellow jackets.  I don’t much like sand in my food and thus while I will endure a beach iconic I never look forward to them.  My idea of bliss is a screened-in porch from which you can watch the sun go down, or come up.  You can sit in temperate shade and not fry your brains while you eat.  You are protected from flying critters, sandstorms and raid and you can still enjoy a nice cool breeze.”

(from Laurie Colwin’s, Home Cooking as quoted in Urban Picnic by  John Burns & Elisabeth Caton p 31)

Many of the folks who attend The Table at Central UMC have been burned or bored by church.   That might describe you too.  Maybe you feel that you “do not like church and that no sane person does either.  ”  But if you could “dream a church”….What would your idea of “bliss” be in regard to church?  Where would you like to sit?  Where would you feel protected?  What would you enjoy?


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