I saw this movie in the summer of 1975.  We were on our annual family vacation in Lake Tahoe and we drove all the way to Reno to see it.  I didn’t get in the water for the rest of the week.  Seriously.  The images coupled with the soundtrack terrified me.  My imagination went wild.  It was the classic summer blockbuster movie.  Great story, threatening yet powerful music, dramatic action and a hero (or 3).  Favorite line? When Brody says to Quint:    “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”  ~Linda

What is a summer movie that has captured your imagination and held it?  Is there something about the story of Jesus that has been able to capture your imagination too?  How do our hearts and minds come together with excitement and joy?  It can be easy in a theater but what about in our day to day lives?  


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