Sometimes movies make things easier for me to understand.  One of the best moments in my movie going life happened in the movie “Places in the heart”.  This movie is set in the Depression in the 1930’s in the South.  A widow (played by Sally Field) and 3 children struggle to make a living from their cotton field.  The film has many complex relationships that reflect the cultural, racial and gender struggles of America.  The Grace of God is made present in the ending scene, when everyone attends worship together.  The scene “sneaks up on you” as it moves from a mundane country church worship service to a view of humanity sharing Communion.  You realize very soon that everyone is “in the room”.  The living and the dead.  The haters and the hated.  The KKK and the African Americans.  The banker who is about to foreclose on the widow and her family.  In the scene God’s Grace is sufficient.   “All means all” plays out right before our eyes.  It is most powerful to see the whole movie, but maybe you can catch a glimpse from the scene below.



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