“Consequently I should like to understand the soul in a different way from Plato and say:  human life is completely human when it is completely alive.  But human livingness means being interested in life, participating, communicating oneself, and interest in life, love for life.  It expresses itself in life that is fully lived because it is life that is loved.  Our ‘soul’ can always be passionately interested, and by virtue of love do not hold our lives back but go out of ourselves and invest our lives.  But if we go out of ourselves in this way, we become capable of happiness, but capable of suffering too.  It is love that lets us experience both the livingness of life and the deadliness of death.  Yet how can we really five disappointments and pains, if what we expect of this love for life is nothing more than fleeting time and a death that is final?The really human problem is not the dualism of an immortal soul and a mortal body; it is the conflict between love and death.According to biblical ideas, this Spirit who is the giver of life is a divine relationship from which life and the blessing of life emerge.  What divine relationship?  Relationship of love?”

~from “In the end – the beginning the life of hope” by Jurgen Moltmann p 105


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