Toward Sunday



We continue our five-week worship series this Sunday called How Deep?

This worship series will invite reflection on the significance of our Baptismal identities. The United Methodist Book of Worship states, “Baptism is an act that looks back with gratitude on what God’s grace has already accomplished, it is here and now an act of God’s grace, and it looks forward to what God’s grace will accomplish in the future….Baptism anticipates a lifetime of…deeper experiences of God, acts of Christian commitment, and ministries in the world” (81-82).

We find ultimate worth in being Children of God.  We are all adopted by God.  All means all.  God’s love for God’s children is extravagant and relentless. We are called to grow in faith by responding to God’s love in our daily lives.  Our love is a response to the love God initiates.

Read here about how one widow responded to God’s love by giving extravagantly what she couldn’t afford: Luke 21:1-4.

Jesus teaches that her two pennies are by far the largest offering of the day because the others made offerings that they’ll never miss. Jesus seems to want us to give extravagantly — to give our all. What feelings does this bring up for you? What hopes? What fears?

As we grow in faith we learn to re-prioritize our lives. We begin to distinguish what is lasting, eternal & of infinite value from what is temporary, illusory and untrustworthy. True happiness and meaning are found as we grow in faith and in the knowledge of the love of God. Growing in faith re-prioritizes our lives and calls us to respond.  Why do you think the widow responded by giving extravagantly what she couldn’t afford?  What dangers do you see in her story?  What possibilities do you see in her story?

We grow in faith through weekly Kitchen Tables and daily disciplines (searching Scripture, fasting, witnessing to our experience of God and Grace, etc.). How will you grow in faith in the coming year?


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