In “Beauty and the Beast,” it is only when the Beast discovers that Beauty really loves him in all his ugliness that he himself becomes beautiful.

In the experience of Saint Paul, it is only when we discover that God really loves us in all our unloveliness that we ourselves start to become godlike.

Paul’s word for this gradual transformation of a sow’s ear into a silk purse is sanctification, and he sees it as the second stage in the process of salvation.  (John Wesley might call it “walking through the door or stepping over the threshold of the house”)

Being sanctified is a long and painful stage because with part of themselves sinners prefer their sin, just as with part of himself the Beast prefers his glistening snout and curved tusks.  Many drop out with the job hardly more than begun and among those who stay with it there are few if any who don’t drag their feet most of the way.

But little by little – less by taking pains than by taking is easy – the forgiven person starts to become a forgiving person, the healed person to become a healing person, the loved person to become a loving person.  God does most of it.  The end of the process, Paul says, is eternal life.

(from Wishful Thinking by Frederick Buechner p 104)

What is holding you back from growing in faith? Another what to ask the question might be;
What sin is your preferred sin?  Is it sleeping in?  Is it keeping busy?
Is it the fear that you won’t be loved if you expose your deepest longings?  What is holding you back?


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