"Worship is a place to give our "best" to God"

photo by Joseph McBrayer

“…the sacraments of the church embody a broad Christian understanding of life on earth:  chiefly, that the most ordinary things in the world are signs of grace.  The God who created them and called them good keeps on doing so.  Through the sacraments, we are invited to understand that all the things of this world are good enough to bear the presence of God and to deepen the relationship between heaven and earth.  To glimpse the holiness of ordinary bread or wine or oil or water is to begin to suspect that holiness may be hiding in other things as well….”

from “The Preaching Life” by Barbara Brown Taylor pp. 32-33

Where is an ordinary place that you have caught a glimpse of God today? Consider sharing a story about this moment with another person.
(if you are brave enough to do this then you will be a  “witness” and “witnessing to our faith”  is one way we practice staying in love with God.)


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