Toward Sunday


This week we wrap up our worship series on the Gospel of Luke.  We reflected on the significance of the cross in a worship series called Cross Purposes (March/April of 2011). In preparation for this week’s worship, you might want to listen to some of the messages from our series on Cross Purposes (find and listen to our podcast here).

We will highlight these passages in worship:

Week 1  November 10:  Luke 4.14-9.50  Overview.  The Jesus of the Gospel of Luke.
Week 2  November 17:  Luke 19.28-21.38  Jesus journeys to Jerusalem.
Week 3  November 24  Luke 22.1-24.53  The death and resurrection of Jesus.

Justo Gonzalez writes, “As we look back at all that Jesus has said about himself and his relationship with his disciples, and forward to the end of the Gospel account, it would seem that the emphasis falls on following Jesus, not just in acts of worship but in the very path to the cross and to victory through it. Those who follow him become participants in his sufferings and his cross, as well as in his new life and resurrection. As the story of Jesus becomes also the story of his disciples, they partake both in his cross and in his victory” (Luke: Belief, A Theological Commentary on the Bible, 270).

How do you understand the significance of Luke’s story of the death and resurrection of Jesus? What does Jesus death mean to you? What does Jesus resurrection mean to you?  What questions arise for you in relation to Jesus‘ death and resurrection?


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