Toward Sunday

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We are grateful for our time together on The Advent Way.  We hope this worship series, rooted in the book of Isaiah and Matthew’s Gospel, invites reflection on how the Advent way prepares us for the beauty and mystery of Christmas.

Outline of The Advent Way

December 1: Walk. Isaiah 2.1-5.
December 8: Turn. Matthew 3.1-3.
December 15: Imagine. Isaiah 35.1-10.
December 22: Love. Matthew 1.18-25.
Christmas Eve:  5:00pm & 11:00pm

Read the poem from Isaiah 35.1-10.

Noel Leo Erskine writes, “Although the people are in a place of desolation, God will prepare a highway for them to the holy city. There is a way from the barren and dry places to this new space and place that God has prepared for the people of God. It will be a highway, indeed a holy way, in the desert for them to travel into God’s new future for them. God excels ‘in making a way out of no way.’ Like the barren and dry places, God’s people shall burst forth in singing and praises to God as they return home to Zion. Behold your God! God shall be your guide” (Feasting on the Word, Year A, Volume 1, 54).

God excels in making away out of no way.  Where do you feel you have no way?  What way might God be imagining in your life this week?


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