Morning prayer.


sunrise in marin county, ca.

God of this new morning,
you have awakened me to the brightness of your dawn.
I begin this day in gratitude,
recalling your mercies through the night,
anticipating glimpses of your glory in the hours ahead.
Make my face shine today with the joy of your grace,
so that another is helped to see your presence
and find hope.
In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

(from the worship companion to Feasting on the Word, Vol 1, year A)

How might your day be different if you begin with prayer?
We invite you to practice prayer this week, either silent or out loud.


2 thoughts on “Morning prayer.

  1. I try very hard to pray first thing each morning. Sometimes it is as simple as thanking the Lord for waking me up and for this day. Other times it is more envolved. there are even a few that some how slip through and on those days it seems to be a little more of a struggle.


    • holding to a daily practice gives us experiences with the many ups and downs that happen. i’m grateful for your effort and for the ability you have to look back and reflect on how it has been for you to start your day with prayer over time. ~ldh

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