Toward Sunday

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We begin a new worship series this Sunday called Don’t Talk About That at The Table.  Our worship series will invite reflection & conversation on many of the topics we “aren’t” supposed to talk about in church.

For many, kitchen tables offer a place for deep & intimate conversation. Some of these conversations bring tears of joy, others tears of disappointment. We hope this worship series will create safe environments for challenging conversations. We will begin this week with an overview of how The United Methodist Church calls us to engage some of the controversial social issues of our day.

Outline for the series

January 12: United Methodist Social Principles (Acts 10.34-43)
January 19: Race (Matthew 5.38-48)
January 26: Immigration (1 Corinthians 1.10-18)
February 2: Abortion (Micah 6.1-8)
February 9: Gender (Ephesians 5.22-24 & Galatians 3.28)
February 16: Sexuality (Romans 1.26-27 & Ruth 1.16-17)
February 23: Prisons (Hebrews 13.3)

Take time today to read Acts 10.34-43.  

Timothy F. Sedgwick (Feasting on the Word, Year A Volume 1) writes, “This story of the radical transformation of Peter’s perspective and action informs the way in which we can be enabled to transcend the limitations of our relationships with others. Our prejudices are deeply ingrained. Our perspective on what is right and proper in how we deal with others has permeated our whole understanding of who we are. We can be opened to new understandings and new perspectives as we confront again and again the ways of God in Jesus Christ. It is a difficult matter indeed for us to break through the limitations of how we see and deal with others. Our only hope is to be open to the Spirit and to seek ever new understanding of the God who ‘shows no partiality.’” (p 235).

Think back to significant conversations you have shared with family and friends around kitchen tables.
What topics have you talked about over the years?
 What topics would you like to see talked about in the future?

(Please email any topics that come up to Matt at


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