Toward Sunday

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We continue our worship series this Sunday called Don’t Talk About That at The Table; inviting reflection & conversation on many of the topics we “aren’t” supposed to talk about in church.  This week we will consider Abortion.


January 12: United Methodist Social Principles (Acts 10.34-43)
January 19: Race (Matthew 5.38-48)
January 26: Immigration (1 Corinthians 1.10-18)
February 2: Abortion (Micah 6.1-8)
February 9: Gender (Ephesians 5.22-24 & Galatians 3.28)
February 16: Sexuality (Romans 1.26-27 Ruth 1.16-17)
February 23: Prisons (Hebrews 13.3)

Take time today to read Micah 6.1-8.

Abortion discussions encompass profound issues of life and death, right and wrong, human relationships and the nature of society.  While abortion is often framed as a matter of rights (with many women supporting it on principle), its implications for women go far beyond just being theoretical.  For so many women, especially the millions of women who are currently living in poverty, the ability to control when and whether they have children is the critical link to their family’s economic security.

Because Abortion affects our hearts as well as our minds, and because it involves life and death, many people find that purely intellectual arguments about whether it is a right are ultimately unsatisfying. People involved in an abortion may be affected very deeply not just emotionally, but spiritually, as well. Women and men often turn to their faith for advice, comfort and support. For some though, the issue is so loaded they are unable to seek counsel among those who usually watch over them in love.  At every turn there is fear, shame, conflict and judgement instead of love.

Rather than framing the discussion of Abortion as a right for a woman and her child, what if we framed birth control,  childbearing, child raising, as a responsibility for our whole community?
What difference if any would the shift from “the right of an individual” to “the responsibility of a community” make in your opinion of Abortion?  What do you imagine might be required of you if this were the case?  Take time to imagine this for yourself.




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