Prayer of preparation

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Here is a prayer to help prepare yourself to listen to one another this week.

The Holy One is the Holy Many;
all things are in God,
who is greater.

What you find of God
always hides what you have yet to see
and what you can never know.

God is not individual, but community.
God is love, which is relationship;
God is the Loving and the Beloved.

God is both Father and Son,
this and also not this;
and also none of these.

God is both Father and Mother,
male and female, parent and child.
God is family.

God is infinite and unknowable, beyond us.
God is revealed, Word made flesh, beside us.
God is in our hands, indwelling, within us.

God is Creator, immortal, unchanging.
God is Companion, suffering, loving.
God is Spirit, intimate, waiting.

Open your eyes and you see God.
You must look carefully to see God.
You cannot see God, cannot see.

God is One and only One,
and also Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
and also not that at all.

When your understanding fails
and you can’t know but only wonder
then you behold the truth.

In the name of the Mother, Son and Holy Spirit
may God’s grace be with you,
grace that already is.

~by Steve Garnaas-Holmes


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