Umulga. The Well.


Umulga, a Korean word, means “the well”- a place where the essential can be found. The UmulgaSHe-Space was an inclusive space for women and men (She and He) to exchange, rest, pray and reflect either individually or in groups on issues related to gender justice at The World Council of Churches 10th assembly gathering November 2013.

The space was designed in the style of Korean hospitality and reflected the various places that are part of the lives of women and men in community. ..There was a courtyard style meeting space, a tea stand, couch benches to rest and relax and a quiet room to pray.

An important feature of the Umulga SHe-Space was a prayer tree at the entrance of the space, representing traditional  Zelkova trees at the entrance of Korean villages. Visitors to this space are invited to write their prayers on coloured ribbons. Their prayers are for gender justice and a world free of violence against women and girls. These ribbons hang as blossoms on the prayer tree.

What is your prayer for gender justice?


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