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“…Jesus’ parables of judgment…are about an action going somewhere to happen.  They are not about a system of static recurrences in which time goes on forever-where there is always, by the rules of the system, time for a second chance at everything.  They do not allow you the luxury of a historical perspective in which a step taken too soon or a move made too late can always be remedied the next time around.  Rather, they are about a world in which too early or too late can be crashing, fatal mistakes – in which there is only one change for anything:  one moment to aim the arrow, one brief, high time to make allowances for the crosswind, one critical instant to shoot, and one final judgment, hit or miss, on the entire proceeding.”  (from Kingdom, Grace, Judgment by Robert F. Capon p 494-495)

How will you choose to live this day?  How do you prepare for your choice?
Consider sharing your answers to these questions with someone so that you may be held accountable.


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