Wise Women


Wise Women Also Came by Jan Richardson

Wise Women Also Came by Jan Richardson

The Shimmering Hours
by Jan Richardson

There is so much
I want to say,
as if the saying
could prepare you
for this path,
as if there were anything
I could offer
that would make your way
less circuitous,
more smooth.

Once you step out
you will see for yourself
how nothing could have
made you ready for this road
that will take you
from what you know now
to what you cannot perceive
except, perhaps,
in your dreaming
or as it gives a glimpse
in prayer.

But I can tell you
this journey is not
about miles.
It is not about how far
you can walk
or how fast.

It is about what you will do
with this moment, this star
that blazes in your sky
though no one else
might see.

So open your heart
to these shimmering hours
by which your path
is made.

Open your eyes
to the light that shines
on what you will need
to see.

Open your hands
to those who go with you,
those seen
and those known only
by their blessing, their benediction
of the road that is
your own.

Toward Christmas Eve


 Restore us, O God;
let your face shine,
that we may be saved. 

You have fed us with the bread of tears,
and given us tears to drink in full measure. 

—Psalm 80.3, 5

The Gentle One does not cause us pain,
yet all tears come from God.
The joy of Christmas
is the presence of Christ
in the dark night of our hurt.

Let your sorrows be
a manger for the Christ child,
a lowly resting place for the Beloved,
who transforms it
into a heavenly throne.

The real “reason for the season”
is not Jesus all by himself,
but the presence of the Beloved
embedded in the world’s suffering,
transforming it
into a place of holy encounter.

Go to the rough manger,
and behold the tender child.

~Steve Garnaas-Holmes 12.16.13